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NeoPagan and Occult Ritual Fastion
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31st-Aug-2007 10:52 pm - Shoes! Soon.
salem tree
Since it's pretty quiet around here, perhaps you won't mind if I prepost about some shoes I made today. I will actually post when I gain the ability (read: camera cord) to post the photos. Think medieval. Think four dollars at Goodwill. Think two hours of alterations. I'm very proud! Pics and story soon!
12th-Jul-2007 09:53 am - Greetings
50's witch
Wow it has been awhile. I just thought I would give a heads up on what we are doing right now. We are going tribal. Full circle skirts, what I call 45min pants(aka harem or Turkish pants). Beaded bras, big headdresses and lots of shiny bobbles. OK, I admit my Clan and I are a bit wacky, but we love to look good. I will post pics either as we go or when all is said and done. just let me know what you prefer. I will also be updating our artisan comunity with such things if you want me to just link that. At any rate that is what is up in my slice of reality.
Good Harvest and Good Hunting
11th-Dec-2006 08:53 am - Tradition Wide Sewing Party!
We had a tradition wide sewing party at a friends house yesterday with the goal of  all of us new members sewing our tabards.  In the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel, our formal garb is a turquiose tabard of prety much any style and silver trim if you want. (Worn over any kind of robe, occationaly particular colors of robes are requested for particular rituals) My hubbie spent the day looking at tabard styles on line and finaly decided on a Kight's Surcoat (in just turquoise), but we didn't get to start on it.  I decided on a V neck in the front and I have it almost all done. Just need to get some bias binding for the colar.  I'm planning on coss stitching the greek key on it in silver along the hem. I'm sure that will take a while, but I'll wear it even if that's not done yet.  It will be a work in progress. I don't have pictures yet, but I will get some probably on wednesday. I'm greatful for coven members willing to share their sewing know how, and also that I got my step grandmother's sewing machine a few weeks back. It's a 1975 singer, which is the most modern machine I've ever owned, lol. It's my first machine with zig zag!! LOL  It works great, and I love it!

10th-Dec-2006 12:58 pm - Butterick 4050
I've just ordered this pattern. Has anyone tried it? Were you satisfied with it?

Robes Pattern

I'm hoping I have enough dupioni silk for the body of the robe, and I know I have enough black lace for the sleeves and hood. I'll line the sleeves and hood with china silk, just because the lace is very soft. Not sure if I am going to make the version with the shoulder cape. It might be too warm for indoor ritual.

If I'm short of silk, I'll add a wide velvet hem. If I'm not, I may use some velvet ribbon for accent.

No color. Just basic black.


Athena Grey
5th-Dec-2006 09:56 am - 100% Pagan Artist Online Auction
Purple Pentacle


"Pagan Arts Initiative (PAI) is a platform for the support and promotion of Pagan artists (including artisans, craftspeople, and performers) and Pagan-themed arts, crafts, and performances which express classical ideals and emerging Neo-Pagan themes."

The site is a new one and it's growing, and there are some interesting items up for sale that you can't find elsewhere because they are hand crafted by individuals, not some cookie cutter thing from the Pyramid Collection. Please check it out and support the Pagan Arts Initiative, which is a project of the Delaware Valley Pagan Network http://dvpn.org .

The best news is that selling is free until May 1st 2007!

17th-Nov-2006 04:06 pm - Not so much
B&W kitties
The renewal ceremony went well, making the himation went well but I was very disappointed with the chiton pattern and the material I used. So I ended up wearing other clothing I had previously made. In truth, at the last minute, I was scrambling for an outfit. As with all last minute things I got creative and combined an A-line eggplant purple full length skirt, an ivory cotton chemise/blouse and my faire corset (View C) without the short sleeves and straps.  It looked nice and I don't have any really good pics to share at the moment. They are a bit blurry and don't show off my ensemble very well.

I might frog the chiton and perhaps turn it into a bodice for faire besides I can use the himation as a wrap besides it already matches.
25th-Oct-2006 09:55 pm - Notions
Happy Me
I decided not to use buttons as suggested for my chiton. I went looking for an antique bronze clasp and I found clasps very similar to this:

It will add a much classier touch to the look of the chiton. I decided on a matching bronze metallic trim that is rather minimal but will add dimension to the garment. I do this with cooking too. I just can't follow a recipe or pattern exactly, I usually have to make it my own. :-D
22nd-Oct-2006 12:25 pm - Chiton Pattern
Happy Me

I finally found the chiton pattern I will use for next month when  lupus_argentum  and I renew our handfasting vows after 10+ years.

Here is the long sought after chiton pattern.

I am not going totally traditional because I want to make it in a cinnamon color.  I'm not so interested in white because it is autumn and I am not keeping with any specific tradition, I'm too eclectic for that. Also, I don't think I want white because that is linked too closely with a traditional wedding dress. I did ivory for both my handfasting and wedding ceremonies. This will be something a little different that I can reuse for ritual.

Edit: I purchased the pattern and a jacquard cinnamon colored material with a leaf pattern. I have another piece of plain matching material somewhere in my stash that might make a nice himation. I need to find a trim and buttons then I will be set. What a relief!  I bought the pattern for $5.99 and the material was priced at $22.32 but I found a 50% off coupon. I saved about $21.16 today. Yay frugality!


10th-Oct-2006 03:00 pm - Folkwear
B&W kitties
I'm familiar with Folkwear patterns but I have never used them. I saw a few patterns that might be useful as ritual garb.
5th-Oct-2006 04:59 pm - Poll
Queen of Wands
Poll #837790 Allow Advertising?

Should we allow crafters to advertise garb style products here?

Other -please post a comment
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