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Ritual Garb
NeoPagan and Occult Ritual Fastion
Boo! Too few posts here! More ideas! 
19th-Aug-2008 10:11 pm
salem tree
Since it seems like no one has been sewing recently, let's start thinking about it again! Maybe you don't have anything to pimp yet, but what garb project has been tripping around in your head at night? What are you planning on putting together when you have time or "get around to it"? Be descriptive...let's inspire each other!

As for me, I've been tuned to Quaker-Paganism recently. Simplicity is an important element of Quaker life, and Quakers in the past of course wore clothing much plainer than the folks down the road wore. I've always been attracted to plant fibers and straight-seam construction, so what I want to do is make a thigh-length cotton T-tunic (SCA style) and matching pants/leggings/whatever. I have a way-too-big floor-length red cotton tunic with gold edging currently, and I'd like to take that in to where I can move and work and not set things on fire (though if I'm going to be on fire, natural fibers are the way to go). There's so much fabric to work with, I can probably eke the pants out of what I cut away. I think with care and craftsmanship, this can become beautiful red Yule garb. If I start from scratch, I want to go with plain yellow for the sun, and embroider the edges finely with yellow thread.

What about you?
24th-Aug-2008 05:24 am (UTC)
At Gathering of the Tribes in VA one of the vendors was carrying this gorgeous egyptian cotton dress called "the Goddess Dress" it was a sleeveless shift triangle pieced so the the bottom of the dress was 4 widths of fabric, and it had a large gathered cowl like shawl attached at the shoulders... and it came with a card that showed something like 6 different ways to wear it (I can't find one online to show what I mean)
but it was over $80, and I just didn't have the $ to spare at the time.

for a long while, I pined for that dress...
Luckily, a friend bought one, and I got to try it one in front of a full length mirror... thank Gods I didn't buy one!!!!!! it looked completely awful on me!!!

Undeterred, now I'm working on designing something similar that will look good on me.
1st-Sep-2008 01:57 am (UTC)
I wish I could find it online! It sounds beautiful...maybe nothing like these, but they're pretty "goddess" dresses too!


I especially like the one with the cowl/shawl/hood. I imagine the one you describe is similarly lovely.
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